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March 20 - one year

Fri Mar 7, 2008, 8:13 AM
Rules for how to use my stock

I'll have had this stock account open for one year, on March 20.

...and I am nearly at the 1,000,000 page view mark. I'm not ASKING you to do anything to help me get there. I'll just post a bit more stock in the next couple of days and that'll do it.

(thanks to :iconarden18: who did the millionth hit and sent me the screenshot)
As I suspected, posting my secret stash of Carly nudes hammered my page-views over the top in under 24 hours. Thanks, Carly! :)

It's been an interesting year! I've greatly enjoyed posting stock and seeing the madness that you create with it. A few of my friends have pointed out to me that I'm crazy to just be giving this stuff away, but the way I see it: I get to participate in hundreds of people's art projects, and to be a part of the fuel of hundreds of people's creative engines... If that's not payment enough, I don't know what is.

As you can tell, working on stock has helped me creatively, because it gets me thinking outside my own box and about yours. It's no longer "what would I like to see?" it's "what would stimulate someone else?"    What I think I enjoy most is trying to come up with visual puzzles to confuse and amuse you. Like a pirate captain giving the camera the finger, or a ballerina with a samurai sword, etc. For example, today on Ebay I got an old-style Star Trek women's costume and a phaser and so forth. So I'll see if I can shoot some trek girl stock. Normally, I probably would have never thought of such a thing. But it'll feed into my own art because now I will have to think of something silly and sexy to do with a Star Trek costume. Ensign Neko-Mosume, anyone?

Anyway, I thank you sincerely for playing with me. Let's have some fun in the year to come, shall we?

Love you all,
  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: Rammstein: sehnsucht
  • Reading: No country for old men
  • Watching: My computer; duh.
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darksnowolf Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
omfg hiow many people do you watch :wow!:
miskis Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2008
Thank You!! :heart:
Banehall0w Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008
Congratulations brother, i've used your so many stocks in my manipulations, i love your stocks. So, keep up! Grats again! :hug: :clap:
yhigte Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
You've probably heard this a hundred times before -- hell, you've probably heard "you've probably heard this before" a hundred times before -- but you're one of my all-time favorite stock photographers and I'm really glad you get the attention you deserve because alot of talented people don't. You're great, your models are equally great; you've got my respect and you can give them my respect, too. Happy 1 millionth page view, dude.
BitterBarf Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
March 20th my birthday
mjranum-stock Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
qroot-stock Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Congratulations and Happy dA Birthday :love:
Rita-Ria Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
congrats - and your work / photos are wonderful! Otherwise you never would have reached 1,000,000 views - you see, people LOVE it
chris10belgium Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
woohoo congrats !!!!!!!
ArtOfMusic Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008
Thanks for your amazing stock, I'm glad you enjoy it also! Let's hope the year to come is just as good if not even better!
linessa Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Star trek costume and phaser? no WAY!!!!! :XD: a friend of mine just BEGGED Me to do a commission portrait of her as a star trek captain! XD you should see the pose- its great! Actually I should send it to you, might make you and whoever you get to do the shots giggle and enjoy it knowing others do it too :P I look forward to them just to see what it is you do with the star trek idea ;D
<3 you're like an art buddy :B and i dont even know you. Im sure others feel the same, because you do share in our creative experience.
Whenever i am lacking inspiration, its your stock i look at :D Never fails
mjranum-stock Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008
I'm actually stalled on the star trek stuff. Ditto star wars. A friend of mine warned me that the big media companies are pretty protective of their copyrights and I might wind up on the wrong end of a "cease and desist" if I post any stock involving star wars or star trek. :( I'm gonna tread water on that idea for a while, while I decide what to do.
linessa Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Ahhh of course, thats very true @@ It'd have to be 'inspired by' and not actually ST, and be different enough that people understood the reference, but you avoided your ass being sued >< Here in aus, the copyright laws are that so long as the other persons work constitutes no more than 5% of your work, its ok, but taking that into the stock market arena, very odd to find the lines.
A suggestion? Ask them. :) Most of the time I can email companies, and ask what i am, and am not allowed to do and they are MORE than happy to tell me. If the answer is no, then sure, no go. But they seem to not mind at all if you just plain ask them "I have this, Im a stock artist, would you mind if, or whats your legal stance on..."
:D If you like I'd even email and ask them for you to save you the time :)
mjranum-stock Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008
I figure that just figuring out who "them" are is tough. I guess they allow fan art, though. So.. Hm.

The other way of looking at it is that if they send a "cease and desist" then I just - desist.
linessa Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
lol yeah there is that, again, would you like me to at least find where you could send the inquiry? I dont mind :P the hubby plays wow and i surf the net, its no problem and I'd love to be able to help -you- with art stuff for a change :D
mjranum-stock Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
Naaaah, but I appreciate the offer. I'll just "go for it" and see what happens.

Still trying to borrow a star wars stormtrooper's outfit. I'm willing to shell out $75 for a star trek uniform but $500 for a stormtrooper's outfit is just too darned much. :(
SpotWeldhyena Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008
Have you tried a local 501st outpost for the Stormtrooper gear?
No idea how it'd work exactly, but someone might be willing to work a trade for some in-costume portraits. (From the costumers I know, I think they all love having a nice professional shot to put on their website instead of a quickly-snapped at-con shot.)

Of course then you have the situation of dealing with used-armor... but if you'd just have a model in a white body suit with gauntlets and a helmet under her arm... well I couldn't complain.

In any case I'm just enjoying browsing though all this and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Also it's amazing the awesome work your stock has inspired!

mjranum-stock Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008
That's a good idea. I just google'd 'em up and sent a couple emails... We'll see what happens.
linessa Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
whoa >< ouch. =p LOL troll college campuses and offer to rent one! College= nerds wif stuff needing an extra buck xD ;) hope you find one and have fun! (without the drama :o)
mjranum-stock Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2008
Actually, I probably can rent one from some online costume rental place. Hmmmmmmmmm....
nebisinidem Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2008
Congrats onm your one year, hope ti have you on DA for a long time! I am reading no country for old men too :)
BlueMillenium Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2008
Happy birthday !!! happy first million ;)
BeautifulBizarreMag Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2008
Congrat's :hug:

Your stock is so beautiful... LOVE YOUR WORK!!!
Pantoja Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Your Stock is the greater of DA!

I Simply love it. YOU ARE THE BEST!

keep walking and you will be with 6kk Pvs in no time!
Foxfires Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Hehehehe - congratumacations!!!! Don't get me started on the greatestestestestestesetestesetestestestest thing again. :p
sweet-666 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008
grats on the 1mill!!
msweetamber Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Great! :)
TheTeaser Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008
congratulations and thanks a lot Marcus for sharing joy, photos, beatiful models, and invite us in the game :clap: :hug:
TWKeller Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008

As a contrast, my dA account will be a year old on April 2nd. I might have 8,000 hits... maybe.
A million in a year is crazy cool.
DreamingWingsStudio Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008   General Artist
Glad its gone so long and thanks for such an awesome, wide open stock gallery.
ladyune79 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008
Congrats and thanks for posting the excellent stock!
ModernMessiah Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Everything you do is greatly appreciated.

While I have only used your stock once, I find it greatly inspiring.

As you said, it gets me thinking. And no bullshit, I often see your work (like the Desert Dancer series and the pirate pictures you mentioned) and they get me thinking about a piece.

Unfortunately once I start putting the pen to the digital paper, it usually morphs into something completely different, and I end up bailing on the original concept that involved your stock. However, your work was the inspiration for it, if that makes sense.

I have about 50 of your pictures on my hard drive that I usually look at when I start a piece because the emotion, the action, etc. are particularly inspiring to me.

The real reason I end up bailing on using your stock each time is because I never think the idea is good enough. I hold the Desert Dancer and other pictures of yours in such high regard that I'm waiting for that perfect storm of creation to hit, that they are worthy of.

It's that "always striving for perfection" thing that artists have that I am sure you are aware of, and am sure you have.

But anyways, I just wanted to let you know that everything you seem to want in this post, definitely affects me. Although like I said; I've only used your work once, your work is almost always one of the first bits of inspiration in the formations of my work.
mjranum-stock Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
Don't worry about "good enough" -- you should worry about "makes you happy" - maybe they're the same thing and maybe they're not. Striving for perfection is a problem I have, too, but I got over it when I realized that I was sucking all the fun out of my work by worrying too much.

The desert dancer - especially Zinn - sh*t - she's so beautiful I want to fall on the floor at her feet when she walks by. I capture her with my camera because someday she'll be gone. And I share her because I know others will feel the same.
ModernMessiah Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I prefer the Kerri Taylor series :)

Her eyes and lips just draw the viewer in, similar to Angelina Jolie. I've shown the pics to girls and guys and everyone loves them, which is the goal; a universal sexual appeal, especially in the face. I try to keep some form of sex in all of my work, but without resorting to actual nudity. Lots of your models and work definitely provides that in the eyes and lips, and unfortunately, a lot of stock work on DA is missing it when people just grab a cell phone camera and think they are stock photographers.

Thanks for the reply. I'll try to keep the aspect of fun in mind when I am working. You're 100% right; sometimes I do get caught up in trying to make something that is almost unreachable in my mind, and usually I end up making nothing but scraps that I never post. So I'll definitely take your advice to heart the next time I start something up.

Thanks again.
mjranum-stock Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008
Kerri's really got a smouldering sexuality to her, whereas Zinn has this kind of cheerfully serene look. They are both goddesses but very different in attitude. :D I find the variety of looks that these women have/can accomplish is really amazing.
ModernMessiah Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Definitely. Hope to see more from both in the future! :D
MtPvonExplodingArt Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008   Digital Artist
i must say since i see your famous work i get inspired and i have new power new inspiration to create my artwork
For this i have to say thank you soo much :hug:
Your work is a special gift to the community of artists here on DA

I hope you have fun in the future for your pictures and mostly i hope you always have fun to see what we artists create with your famous pictures

It is a great pleasure to have the permission to work with your images

Many greetings from germany

And all the best for you

james6string Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
hi Marcus. i find it hard to belive that its nearly a year already. What a great year its been. so many awesome pictures have been created using your stock. lets see what comes of the next years stocks. all the best :beer:
d37nu1l Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
Congratulations! Looking forward to a new year. :)
PridesCrossing Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
ForlornExistence Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
Just keep on posting my friend. Your images are very inspiring. And i am planning to use some of your images in my painting in the near future! More power and advance Happy 1 year anniversary! :diny:
ohfive30 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
A year, and almost a million page views !!! testament to the great stock images you're providing for everyone. keep up the awesome work :)
lindowyn-stock Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
You said it yourself. Being a part of so many art projects is payment enough. Congrats on a year soon. :)
AdeleS Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
Congrats and thanks so much for sharing!
virgo-e Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
:rose: you are one cool boy, Mjranum :) and great artist :rose:
JReedC243 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulations MJR! I am going to be using some of your new and more recent stock pretty soon I have a week off school so in between work I will be trying to get some manipulations done.
wilsoninc Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
:clap: thanks to you! :D one of the #1 stock in DA! :)
mandana2000 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2008
congrates man
you are one of the most that I know in deviantart
and I thought the same as [link]
you made me scare :tears:
by the way.I'm happy know and I know I can't appreciate you only with the world "thank you"
but I always try my best to make a nice art when I want to use your stocks.that's the way I appreciate you :hug:
mjranum-stock Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2008
Oh - no - I won't leave unless DA either gets really weird about subscriptions, or does something like turn into a bunch of puritans who start suppressing nude/erotic art.
mandana2000 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
nice to hear that ^.^
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